Optrex Actimist

Optrex Actimist unlike many eye treatment products is not actually in drop or ointment form. Optrex Actimist comes in a spray form which is revolutionary in the eye care market. As mentioned above as it is not in a drop or ointment formulation you do not need to apply it to the open eye which is actually one of the main reasons for people not applying eye medication. The fear of applying medication to the eye is a massive problem and Optrex Actimist is designed to bypass this conventional method altogether.

Optrex Actimist is a closed eye application which is applied to the eyelids to restore and repair dry, irritated eyes. There have been numerous clinical studies to prove its effectiveness and also it has the added advantage of being suitable while wearing contacts or makeup!

To understand how Optrex Actimist works you need to first understand what causes dry and irritated eyes. Your eyes have a thin layer of liquid called the tear film which keeps the eye hydrated and prevents evaporation. When your eyes start to become irritated and dry it is because this tear film is breaking down and there are tiny pores opening meaning evaporation occurring.

With Optrex Actimist the tiny particles in the eye spray collect at the edges of your eyelid. As you continually blink these particles slowly make their way into the open pores created when your eyes are dry and thus close these pores. This essentially replenishes your tear film meaning evaporation decreases and a restoration of the normal hydration levels in the eye. As Optrex Actimist replenishes your tear film it will soothe and stop the dry irritated feeling you may have.

Each Optrex Actimist bottle contains up to 100 sprays. You can apply the spray to the closed eyelid up to four times a day as required. If your condition is more serious this can be increased to be used whenever you feel necessary. The other advantage of Optrex Actimist is that you can use the spray continually for a long period of time. As there is no dangerous accumulation of toxic ingredients you can use it for a sustained period of time. The only warning that should be noted is that you shouldn’t use the spray on an open eye as it will cause a burning sensation for a short period of time. If you do accidently spray on an open eye there is no need to worry as like mentioned above there is no harmful ingredients meaning no harm to your eyes.

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